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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Advanced System Optimizer

As our pick for the best PC system utilities on the market, Advanced System Optimizer delivers a comprehensive and effective set of utilities designed to keep your PC clean, fast and running smoothly. In addition to optimizing system processes, this PC system utilities application provides recovery and repair tools, as well as extensive malware protection. Whether you're looking to fix or enhance your computer, Advanced System Optimizer has the functionality to accomplish the task.

The first step in boosting your PC's overall performance is diagnostics. The software provides an array of tools to pinpoint system defects and vulnerabilities, such as its PC Fixer. This feature automatically diagnoses common issues that can affect PCs and provides recommended fixes for those issues. The PC system utilities software also provides its proprietary Smart PC Care scanner that combines several utility features into a single scanning engine. The scanner performs multiple system-enhancing tasks in a single click, such as defragmenting your hard disk, scanning for spyware and updating drivers.

Beyond basic system diagnostics, Advanced System Optimizer also identifies and patches security risks on your PC. The application can identify spyware and isolate it from the rest of your hard drive. Once any malware has been eradicated, Advanced System Optimizer constantly and automatically scans your system to detect further threats. It also protects you while browsing online. The software uses browser filters to ensure safe surfing and allows you to delete all traces of your internet activity. This helps keep personal data, such as passwords and credit card information, private. The software even has a feature that helps you fine-tune your security settings so you can attain the highest level of PC protection while minimizing strain on system resources.

Advanced System Optimizer is as comprehensive when it comes to recovery and repair as it is in every other aspect of its functionality that we assessed. Error-filled registries and junk files can lead to inconsistent performance and take up valuable space on your hard drive. This software can expunge invalid registry entries, remove junk files and safely delete obsolete system data, boosting response time and preventing future system errors. The PC system utilities software can also recover accidentally deleted files. You can scan your entire hard drive, specific partitions or external devices for deleted, recoverable files and restore selected files to a directory of your choice. You can even preview found files before initiating a full restore.

In terms of optimization, Advanced System Optimizer provides robust features to keep your computer running in optimal condition. The software's Memory Optimizer tracks and displays the amount of total, used and available memory on your system in an easy-to-read graphical view. The program can also reclaim unused allocated memory on your hard drive, boosting response times and stability of your most frequently used programs.

If you're a gamer, you'll also appreciate the Game Optimizer, a feature unique to the software that allows you to play games without system interruptions. Advanced System Optimizer provides a virtual environment for gameplay, one that is separate from other running applications and devotes all available resources to your game.

While utility software can be inherently complex, Advanced System Optimizer is one of the easier PC system utilities you'll come across. The software boasts a clean and intuitive interface that enables easy navigation and access to its various features. Each tool is presented in a step-by-step format and supplemented with useful information on how to fully utilize the feature. Despite its accessible approach to system utilities, the sheer volume of features and vast functionality of the software may make it overwhelming and intimidating to some new users.

If you do find yourself in need of some assistance while using Advanced System Optimizer, the software's manufacturer, Systweak, offers useful support options, ranging from contact methods to online documentation. You can email Systweak or fill out an online contact form. If you prefer to learn more about the product, you can browse FAQs and a searchable knowledgebase. Systweak even provides free software updates.

With powerful optimization features and simple one-click solutions, Advanced System Optimizer proves to be the quintessential computer maintenance tool. The software delivers outstanding functionality through an uncomplicated interface, with capabilities designed to address the majority of problems that can affect computer performance.

Pros: An intuitive interface fosters easy navigation and access to the software's multifaceted feature set.

Cons: Beginners and less tech-savvy users are likely to feel overwhelmed by its vast functionality. 

The Verdict: This PC system utilities software provides the best repair, optimization and management tools for your computer. 

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