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Friday, April 15, 2011

Platinum Hide IP w/ Patch

Everyday we read more and more stories about hackers breaking into big businesses, stealing their identities and wreaking general havoc. It’s no wonder that we’ve become wary of the Internet and concerned about the Internet privacy.
Key Features 
• Anonymize Your Web Surfing 
Your real IP is hidden when you surf on the Internet, keeping your online activity from being tracked by others. 
• Protect Your Identity 
Anonymous web surfing enables you to prevent identity thieves from stealing your identity or other personal information, and keep your computer safe from hacker attacks or other risks. 
• Choose IP Country and Check IP 
Proxy lists of many countries are enabled and you decide to select one country from the Choose IP Country window. You can check the current IP address directly. 
• Send Anonymous Emails 
Send anonymous emails through any web based mail system such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. 
• Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites 
Change your IP address and then you can get unbanned yourself from any forums or other blocked websites that have ever banned you from. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garena with GarenaHack v3.22 Private cracked Latest + Mega EXP v2

1 What it is about?

With Garena Hack playing on Garena is much Like having a Gold Membershop with no 5 seconds wait and 10 tims Experience and many other features .....

2 Features:

1- Enable all the icons
2-Enter room without Message box and advertisement
3- Show real ping number instead of bars ( in room, in game, someone joined ur game)
4-Enable message spam in chat channel
5-increase EXP 10 times, just left the garena open, you will be level up
6-Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member
7-can invite anyone tn clan with a member priviledge
8-caninvite anyone to clan even he has a clan (Multi clan)
9-Build in 1.22 and 1.21 Maphack feature special thx to these ppl Darimus,Sd333221,gaypimp for their offsets
- Undetected in ladder/garena,
- Reveal units
- Reveal units on minimap
- Remove fog
- Remove fog on minimap
- Clickable units
- See ressources
- See invisible
- Bypass -ah feature in DotA (Darimus)
- Show illusions (Darimus)
- Clickable invisible units (Sd333221)
- See cooldowns
- See skills
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- UI mode (gaypimp)
- Show hero path (gaypimp)

10-Show hp bar, tie hack feature(for dota ladder room)
11-You can open two or more GG client on One pc for fast gain exp
12-You can use some administrator functions like tract people's ip address
13-You can logon the same ID by Two or more GG client which means you will gain 2 or more times extra EXP!(but not in same room)

14- all the illegle program are actived,eg: sf1.21b5,sfdropkicker
15-auto update system to ensure your garena hack is always fit the lastest garena
16- you can leave room while playing
17 - you can view gamer's ladder record while you host or join a host
18 - you can change war3 name as what ever you want
19- can see gamer record in game& in room member list in both high level room & normal room
20 Can check win &lose rate multipier
21 Can get ladder record in high level room
22 CUSTOM KICK in GUI and in game command
23 clientless farming plugin -- Mega exp feature


Avast! Internet Security 6.0.1 - Licensed until 03/13/2050

Why choose avast! Internet Security?
Avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented now by new avast! SafeZone™ technology. It creates an isolated virtual desktop, invisible to any possible attacker, where you can do your online shopping and banking securely.
Please follow the this simple steps:
1. Download and install avast! Internet Security 6.0.1 > Restart

2, avast! > MAINTENANCE > Subscription > [Activate trial period]

3. avast! > SETTINGS > Troubleshooting > Uncheck "Enable avast! self-defense module" > [OK] > [YES]

4. Run Avast_6.0.1000_ZeNiX.exe ( password = ZeNiX ) > Restart. Done!

License expiration date: 3/13/2050 4:00:00 PM


Anti-Porn parental controls can filter out adult websites (block porn), which contain objects unsuitable for children, and even filters out chat when offensive language is used. Anti-Porn software can automatically filter out tens of thousands of porn websites and you can also easily add in the websites which you don't want children to see. With Anti-Porn you can also filter out internet material by blocking particular key words.

Anti-Porn parental control software can supply the globe standard time, you can set the program to let your kids use internet at certain times on specific days. Anti-Porn keeps a complete log of all websites visited, filtered out or not, and keeps track of all material viewed on the computer, including files, images, music, and so on. You can have the inventory of your kid's computer history.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If You're Ready to Stop Mind-Numbing SEO Labor, Dominate the First Three Pages of Search Engine Rankings in Google, Yahoo AND Bing, And Bombard Your Website With An Avalanche of Free Traffic - Completely Hands Off, Automated, and Faster than Any Other Software On The Internet, Then Say Hello to 'The Nuke':

Yes, its True...

"Now You Can Completely and Utterly
DOMINATE The First 3 Pages of Google Listings
by utilizing the Mind Blowing Power of Web 2.0 Marketing!"

This is the best SEO optimization software available on the net. One month of using this software costs 120 $. For more informations visit

This is cracked version of program and it doesnt support:

<> Web 2.0 Account Creation
<> Autoposting

This is something like offline version couse i think its impossible to crack this software.

You get:

<> Niche research 
<> research keywords
<> Check Competition 
<> Spinner Article ( Which is the best tool in software)
<> Video Nuke
<> Social Bookmarking Tool

Monday, April 11, 2011

Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0

It all started with a kid who goes by the name George Brown. He created a system (more on that soon) for ranking small niche websites, getting tons of traffic and sales in a short amount of time. After months of using his system under the radar, he had perfected it and released it in his first product ‘Google Sniper‘. I guess he called the product that name because it actually teaches how to snipe top search engine ranking. But hey, don’t take my word for it 

So What Exactly Is Google Sniping?

In short the Google sniping method is really a technique developed by George Brown on how to rank small niche websites with very little and sometimes no backlinks at all. I hope you are getting excited because this is some really cool stuff! Can you imagine ranking websites in top search engine positions without even backlinking them?

Well my friend it is totally possible.. and I am not just saying that. You see I have a copy of the google sniper version one and I have followed the methods and rank several websites on the first page of most of the search engines. Unfortunately, this is a dog eat dog world and those websites are my prized possessions so I can’t reveal them here  . But don’t worry, once you understand what is Google Sniper, you’ll be ranking your own sites in no time.

Google Sniper 2.0: The Basis Of The Google Sniping Method?

Before I get to the main points, let me give you a little seo talk. In order to rank any website, there are two important factors to consider.

1. On Page Search Engine Optimization (on page seo)- this is where you have to do stuff on and within your site to help it’s rankings and

2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization (off page seo) - this is where you have to do stuff outside of your site to help it’s ranking.

So basically on page seo is doing stuff on your website such as making sure your keyword is in the title of your site, meta description, meta keywords, through the content with the right keyword density, LSI and other cool stuff. Off page seo can be summarized with one word ==>BACKLINKS i.e when other websites link back to yours. You can just call it a vote! SO the more vote you have, the more important the search engines will think your site is and thus rank it higher.

Now Back to the Google Sniping Method:

George has develop a method that allows him to focus on mainly on page seo and do very little off page seo and still get the high search engine rankings. Truth is, when it comes to ranking websites, it can be a pain in the you know what to get good quality backlinks. So just the sound of not doing any backlinking to rank your sites should have you off your feet and full of excitement.

So in summary the google sniper method involves finding profitable niches with great products, building small niche websites that targets one high traffic keyword and doing Onpage seo in a unique way to get these small sites ranking high in the search engines within a few short weeks. These sites would then go on to make several hundred dollars per month. However, the tue success would be in having several of these snipers sites so that the income adds up!

What’s Different With Google Sniper 2.0?

We living in a world where everything is changing and the internet is no different. It has been close to two years since the first version of the course and so something can be improved upon. That’s why George will be releasing Google Sniper 2.0 on February 14th 2011.

There will be quite a few things different and updated in version two. Since this post is getting rather long, I’ll save that information on Google Sniper 2.0 for a future post. Right now I want you to do a few things to stay on top of things.

1. I need you to bookmark this website so you don’t forget it one bit. Truth is, I’ll be having some very cool stuff that you don’t want to miss at no possible cost. So go ahead and do that now!

2. Next thing, as you may know by now that I am super confident in the Google Sniper 2.o course so I will be helping to spread the word around and offering and incredible Google Sniper 2 bonus pack here on the website. So in order to stay updated with the launch and receive tons of free stuff not available anywhere else! So go ahead and sign up now, I promise not to send you any spam of foolishness to your inbox.



INTERNET Turbo 5.4

Do you want to speed up your Internet access up to 200% - 300% ???
What about preventing ISP disconnections?

iNTERNET Turbo® is an AWARD-WINNING REVOLUTIONARY internet solution. 
It accelerates any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP internet connection in seconds. It will boost all your Internet related software including all browser/Email programs ,America Online, Instant Messenger, RealAudio, RealVideo, NetMeeting, NetShow, ICQ, CompuServe, AT&T, Earthlink and many others... More over iNTERNET Turbo® also includes a Forever Connected feature which prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). 

Supports all software and hardware adapters. 

Automatic wizards to configure Dialup, LAN, ISDN, Cable, xDSL and more. 

Manual wizards to configure Dialup, LAN, ISDN, Cable, xDSL and more. 

Fix MaxMTU, RWIN, TTL, Session Keep Alive, PMTU and NDI Cache. 

Prevent you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) 

Supports Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. 

Full Speed Internet Broadband Connection

Dramatically speed up your existing Internet broadband connection and get the best performance possible from your current Internet access. Free Internet speed test software included. Full Speed will increase your online Internet speed with everything you do: faster downloads, web browsing, data streaming, e-mail, P2P and gaming. Version 2.1 adds superior tests and sets a new switch enabling wider broadband and network bandwidth utilization by Windows.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latest Eset Smart Security 4 and Eset NOD32 Antivirus 4

Eset Smart Security 4


Experience ESET's Benefits

Simple-to-Install – Smart Security 4 features offer highly customizable settings to precisely fit your needs.
High Performance – high scanning speed combined with low memory demands ensures your computer does not slow you down.
Proactive Protection – industry-leading detection technology detects yet unknown threats to delivers real-time protection from malware.

Rely on Time-tested Performance

ESET's protection continues to earn awards from independent benchmark testing groups for three main reasons:
Security updates are discretely sent to your computer to ensure a consistently strong line of defense.
Disk-intensive operations, such as a full disk scan, all run quietly in the background.
Interruptions are minimal – ESET avoids unnecessary pop-ups and alerts, notifying you only about events that require your attention.

System Requirements

Processors supported: Intel or AMD x86-x64
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Memory: 60 MB
Disk Space (download): 41 MB
Disk Space (installation): 230 MB

Eset NOD32 Antivirus 4

Experience ESET’s Benefits

ESET NOD32 is “lean and mean,” typically using just 60 MB of memory and features an energy-sipping battery mode.
Built for Speed – ESET NOD32 is lightning fast and operates smoothly in the background, so you won’t even notice it’s there.
Protection from the Unknown – ESET's smart ThreatSense® technology offers multiple layers of protection with precise identification of even never-before-seen forms of malware.
Easy on You – From its compact and intuitive user interface to its minimal use of alerts, you’ll be up and running in a snap without undue interruptions.

An Intuitive and Easy Solution
ESET understands that your life is busy, so we created simple solutions to protect and enhance your online experience:
Rely on comprehensive protection against a range of web-based attacks including web-access, protocol filtering, and in-depth scanning of compressed and encrypted communications.
Ensure that all files stored on USB drives, CDs and DVDs, especially those launched automatically, don’t pose a threat.
Uncover and remove rootkits before cybercriminals steal your passwords or gain control of your computer.
Eliminate potential security threats with SysInspector’s powerful diagnostic capabilities.
Scan, rescue, and repair your computer in case of an emergency with SysRescue.

System Requirements
Processors supported: Intel or AMD x86-x64
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Memory: 60 MB
Disk Space (download): 37 MB
Disk Space (installation): 230 MB

Walaoke: The Best Videoke Player (2011)

Walaoke is a karaoke media player that can play almost every format out there.
Turn your PC into a karaoke machine, or movie player.
Tired of waiting for a karaoke version of your favorite song to come out? Create your own music with your own video background has never been easier.
Play songs with just a click or by typing the numbers assigned to the songs.


- Play AVI, MKV, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV and any format that has directshow codecs.
- Play MP3+CDG, MP3+LRC, and MP3+XMLfiles.
- Can play any of the following format with LRC file. AVI, MKV, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV.
- Lyric display directly over your own video, camera or any video input as background.
- Progressive high light lyric display for karaoke effects.
- Can play all video file and replace with your own video while using the music.
- Play MIDI, KAR. 
- Has Song List and a Reserved List so songs play through Reserved List.
- Has the ability to turn on and off Reserved List so you can play songs normally via the Play List.
- Support numeric system. Can print out song list and just type the number to play the song.
- Can search songs with or without accent in Vietnamese.
- Support different color lyrics for Male, Female and Duet.
- Can save default audio track or audio channel to play. Great for karaoke VCD or karaoke DVD.
- Can include a folder and search directly from there without importing to song list.

NOTE: Astig po ang karaoke player na ito, kasi video po ang background. Pwede rin po kayo ang mamili ng background video na gusto nyo, pero ako yung default ang gamit ko. 
Same sa normal videoke machines ang paraan ng pagpili ng song, i type nyo lang yung song numbers while in fullscreen mode. Astig!!!


1. Extract
2. After extracting, Double click "Walaoke_Setup.exe" and intall.
3. After installing, Run the program and enter the registration key. You may now enjoy singing. 

Explore nyo nalang yung mga buttons, easy to use naman po.
Already tested in my Windows XP. Pati sa Windows 7. 


Article Spinner + Crack

Many online marketers today use article spinners for their article marketing needs – a semi-automated process to rewrite one article into several articles that are uniquely viewed by search engines, therefore not being hit with duplicate content penalties. Article content spinner is the best choice for website owners that want to outshine their competitors with a multitude of published works on the Web providing backlinks, targeted traffic, and credibility.

You can benefit from our Article Spinner immediately, with its quick and easy-to-use system. The application allows you to rewrite a large number of articles by replacing words in the original article with synonyms from a large synonyms database. Imagine having access to this rewriting software that uses 160,000 words and a database of 68,000 synonyms..

Content rewriting has never been easy because of the manual time commitment, but now it can be realized through a few simple clicks. Additionally, Article Spinner allows random paragraphs to be added, which will definitely contribute to producing unique, high quality articles.

Here are some of the features our Article Spinner boasts:

Article Spinner produces top notch content. Unlike the majority of related content spinning and rewriting software that produce low quality content with poor flow, our Article Spinner offers the benefit of blending harmoniously from one sentence to another and one paragraph to another in the final product. The result? High quality, readable and naturally-flowing content for your visitors.

Article Spinner produces 100% unique content! We understand how hard is to come up with content that is at the same time unique for search engines and high quality. Moreover, we know how much time and money it can take to have hundreds of articles professionally-written for your website. This is where Article Spinner steps forward. The only thing you have to do is find the private label rights articles related to your website and then input them into our content spinner.

The Article Spinner interface is easy to use. Anyone can use Article Spinner to produce unique and naturally-flowing content. We have prepared a variety of options for customizing and personalizing any private label rights articles.

Article Spinner is flexible. You can load the content from a website URL, text file, or by copying and pasting it directly into the system. The article spinning application is versatile so it can be used with any of your content rewriting projects.

It offers complete control over the content rewriting process. Our content spinner allows the user to completely control the rewriting process in order to obtain high quality and unique content. By offering the ability to approve or deny all of the changes our rewriting software is programmed to make, you can always be sure that the content turns out readable and unique for the search engines and visitors alike.

Article Spinner is fast-operating. You can spin any PLR article (or other article that you own rights to) with just few clicks! It takes only a few seconds for our content spinner to rewrite any article and turn it into a 100% unique piece of content. You can use the unique, quality content to achieve high rankings in search engines and draw countless visitors. Instead of hiring a team of expensive writers that will produce hundreds of original articles in a couple of months or more, you can use our content spinner too produce the same amount of original, high quality articles in just A FEW MINUTES!

Article Spinner can create hundreds of quality, readable, and unique articles that will serve up great for the search engines and draw your visitors’ attention. You will never have to worry about getting penalized for duplicate content or having unreadable content in front of your visitors!