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Monday, April 11, 2011

Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0

It all started with a kid who goes by the name George Brown. He created a system (more on that soon) for ranking small niche websites, getting tons of traffic and sales in a short amount of time. After months of using his system under the radar, he had perfected it and released it in his first product ‘Google Sniper‘. I guess he called the product that name because it actually teaches how to snipe top search engine ranking. But hey, don’t take my word for it 

So What Exactly Is Google Sniping?

In short the Google sniping method is really a technique developed by George Brown on how to rank small niche websites with very little and sometimes no backlinks at all. I hope you are getting excited because this is some really cool stuff! Can you imagine ranking websites in top search engine positions without even backlinking them?

Well my friend it is totally possible.. and I am not just saying that. You see I have a copy of the google sniper version one and I have followed the methods and rank several websites on the first page of most of the search engines. Unfortunately, this is a dog eat dog world and those websites are my prized possessions so I can’t reveal them here  . But don’t worry, once you understand what is Google Sniper, you’ll be ranking your own sites in no time.

Google Sniper 2.0: The Basis Of The Google Sniping Method?

Before I get to the main points, let me give you a little seo talk. In order to rank any website, there are two important factors to consider.

1. On Page Search Engine Optimization (on page seo)- this is where you have to do stuff on and within your site to help it’s rankings and

2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization (off page seo) - this is where you have to do stuff outside of your site to help it’s ranking.

So basically on page seo is doing stuff on your website such as making sure your keyword is in the title of your site, meta description, meta keywords, through the content with the right keyword density, LSI and other cool stuff. Off page seo can be summarized with one word ==>BACKLINKS i.e when other websites link back to yours. You can just call it a vote! SO the more vote you have, the more important the search engines will think your site is and thus rank it higher.

Now Back to the Google Sniping Method:

George has develop a method that allows him to focus on mainly on page seo and do very little off page seo and still get the high search engine rankings. Truth is, when it comes to ranking websites, it can be a pain in the you know what to get good quality backlinks. So just the sound of not doing any backlinking to rank your sites should have you off your feet and full of excitement.

So in summary the google sniper method involves finding profitable niches with great products, building small niche websites that targets one high traffic keyword and doing Onpage seo in a unique way to get these small sites ranking high in the search engines within a few short weeks. These sites would then go on to make several hundred dollars per month. However, the tue success would be in having several of these snipers sites so that the income adds up!

What’s Different With Google Sniper 2.0?

We living in a world where everything is changing and the internet is no different. It has been close to two years since the first version of the course and so something can be improved upon. That’s why George will be releasing Google Sniper 2.0 on February 14th 2011.

There will be quite a few things different and updated in version two. Since this post is getting rather long, I’ll save that information on Google Sniper 2.0 for a future post. Right now I want you to do a few things to stay on top of things.

1. I need you to bookmark this website so you don’t forget it one bit. Truth is, I’ll be having some very cool stuff that you don’t want to miss at no possible cost. So go ahead and do that now!

2. Next thing, as you may know by now that I am super confident in the Google Sniper 2.o course so I will be helping to spread the word around and offering and incredible Google Sniper 2 bonus pack here on the website. So in order to stay updated with the launch and receive tons of free stuff not available anywhere else! So go ahead and sign up now, I promise not to send you any spam of foolishness to your inbox.



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