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Friday, May 6, 2011

LimeWire Pirate Edition (100% Working and Free)

LimeWire Pirate Edition (LPE) is a resurrected version of the LimeWire software.
LimeWire Pirate Edition is the LimeWire Pro software without the adware, advertising, and backdoors present in LimeWire. The Ask toolbar integration was also removed along with dependencies to LimeWire servers and remote settings. The software also supports Windows, Linux and Mac. Also with the source code available.
Two days after Limewire got shut down by the RIAA, a hacker with the nickname of "Meta Pirate" created Limewire Pirate Edition. Lime Wire LLC has stated that: "We are not behind these efforts. LimeWire does not authorize them. LimeWire is complying with the Court’s October 26, 2010 injunction."


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