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Monday, March 28, 2011

Speed Up Chrome Browser Up To 5 Times Faster

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Microsoft Internet Explorer still holds a dominant role in web browser world but the upcoming Google Chrome is slowly taking over its popularity. Many of these web browsers are competing against each other over speed and stability yet many has commented that Chrome seems to perform better in speed arena.

Now you can increase Chrome speed even more by enabling its hardware acceleration. The speed acceleration is made possible by tapping into power of computer‘s graphic hardware and integrate it to accelerate graphic intensive web apps. This option is only available on latest Chrome 10 so do an update now.

Chrome hardware acceleration is turned off by default, follow simple steps below to enable it.

1. On your Chrome browser search bar enter about:flags.
2. Click Enable on GPU Accelerate Composition and GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D.
3. You may also click Enable on Web page Prerendering, it will speculatively prerenders complete web pages in background for a faster browsing experience.

Restart Chrome when you’re done to experience the faster browsing speed. Enjoy!

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